Box 190, Faro, Y.T. Canada Y0B 1K0 (867) 994-3102
Directions :
When you enter the Town of Faro continue straight (you will
pass a big log building, the interpretive center, on your right
and the post office on your left) until you reach a bright blue
House on your right. Past the Blue House there is one more
house on your right and right after that house a road
branches off to your right. Follow that road until it branches
off again. Take a right and continue down the hill, over the
bridge until you come to a T junction. Take a right turn and
follow the road until you see our driveway with a sign on
your left.
The total distance after your leave Faro is 15 km and you
cannot get lost. In the winter and early spring we
recommend a 4x4 vehicle.