Dear Visitor,
Greetings! Your hosts are Yasmine and Doug Hannah.
Doug is an experienced outdoors man that worked as a Park Ranger and
guided dog sled trips for over 25 years. 8 dogs share our lives.
Yasmine has been guiding backpacking and hiking trips in the Yukon for several
years. She is a keen naturalist, always willing to share her passion for the
precious northern environment that surrounds us.
We are doing our best to lead a sustainable, environmentally responsible life.
Our Farm is off-the-grid and we produce electricity with solar panels, a small
wind generator and a backup generator. We hope to inspire those interested in
renewable energy by demonstrating how efficient, cheap and simple such a set-
up can be.
We also grow a large part of our food in 20 raised beds and 2 greenhouses and
hay by hand with scythes to feed our 3 horses and 3 pack Llamas. Our animals
are not fenced in, but are very friendly and safe.
We are looking forward to welcoming you!
Box 190, Faro, Yukon, Canada Y0B 1K0 (867) 994-3102