Summer Activities
Hiking and backpacking: there are numerous hiking and
backpacking possibilities. To mention only a few, you can ascent
Mount Mye, the highest summit in the area, hike the spectacular
Dena Cho Trail, a historic route linking Faro and the native
community of Ross River (4 days) or enjoy one of the numerous day-
hikes in the valley.
Canoeing: the Farm and B&B are located on the banks of the Pelly
River and we rent canoes. You can canoe from the Farm to Town in 4
hours, canoe from Ross River to the Farm (1 or 2 days) or paddle all
the way to Pelly Crossing (7 days) or even to Dawson City (13 days).
The Pelly river is rated as level 2 and offers extraordinary scenery and
wildlife viewing possibilities.
Wildlife watching: between October and June the rare Yukon Fannin
Sheep can be observed on its wintering range. A sheep viewing site
with a cabin is located 3 km from the Farm. During the summer, a hike
on Mount Mye will allow you to see these amazing animals on their
summer range.
The month of May is an excellent time to watch black bears and grizzly
bears. Lynx, moose and an array of smaller mammals can be found in
the vicinity of the Farm year round. 
Bird watching: thousands of migratory birds fly over the Tintina
Trench where the Farm is located. Amongst them 200’000 Sandhill
cranes. Many birds stop here on their migration to Canada and
Alaska ‘s Arctic, some for a few hours, others for a few weeks. Less
than 1 km north of the Farm a series of sloughs offer prime habitat
for water fowl. The sloughs are bordered by a ridge that allows for
easy bird observation. In short, Lynx Track Farm is a  birdwatcher’s
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